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Published: 0207 GMT February 27, 2017

Iran not a good place for terrorists

Iran not a good place for terrorists

Secretary of Supreme National Security Council has said Iran never fostered extremism; hence, terrorists could not have operated within borders.

Mr. Ali Shamkhani, former Naval Forces admiral, responded to Adel al-Jubeir’s remarks who had wryly implicated Iran as supporting terrorism, raising questions that Iran had never been a target for terrorist attacks; “Saudi Arabia and its petty extremist fanatics had been successful only in places where they had been fostered to commit terrorist acts, and Iran is not such place where they could survive,” he added.

Shamkani also rejected media reports that he had met with Saudi FM in Iraq.

“Some countries in the region are the natural spring of terrorism and extremist interpretation of the scriptures; they receive mission by their native country where they are sent to other countries, but the origin is the same place inculcates in them fervor for killing and acts of savagery,” he retorted.

SNSC also believed political conflicts nourished terrorists in their ideological underpinnings; “a country or a system which opposes their tenets are targets of their hate; in countries where extremism burgeons, the social and political system is incompatible with movements seeking to liberate the public from the serfdom of religious hegemony and the clerical elite who rule with iron fist; Iran is not such a system and our people would not allow such ideologies to flourish and then destroy its hosting system by acts well-familiar to societies where people are adopted to such circles,” he told reporters.

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