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Published: 0930 GMT March 09, 2017

Larijani: It’s rude for US officials to talk about Iran’s elections

Larijani: It’s rude for US officials to talk about Iran’s elections

Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday while the Americans took to the streets to protest to latest controversial presidential election in that country, it is rude for the US officials to talk about Iran’s elections.

Addressing a local commemoration ceremony for martyrs in Semnan, he said it is possible that sometimes others talk to Iran with impudent language but “Iran is a tough rival and the Iranians are united and stand up to the enemy firmly.”

While Iran has been keeping its word of fighting against terrorism since the past years, other regional states have only issued statements and paid lip service, said the Majlis speaker, IRNA reported.

He added, “In a region which is home to emirates and martial law Iran conducts at least one election each year. Even during the war-time the country organized successful elections. Iranians have always been deciding their own fate”.

Larijani, also a member of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), said that Iran’s resistance in the nuclear case prompted others to try other ways to fight against the Islamic Revolution “and now they have resorted to international theft and freezing Iran assets but it will never take place simply and will cost them dearly.”

The US administration has recently requested to seize the Central Bank of Iran’s (CBI) $1.6 billion assets in Luxembourg against international laws and regulations but a Luxembourg court rejected the request in its primary verdict. The verdict has been appealed by the US and it will be considered soon.

Deploring that certain rulers of the regional Islamic states are relying on the US and Britain despite having huge resources of oil and gas, Larijani said big powers plunder assets of the regional countries with empty promises of ensuring their security when they need them.

He said that relaying on foreign powers is a source of shame for rulers of certain regional states.

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