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Published: 0540 GMT April 01, 2017

Iran urges US to give up imparting wrong info on causes of terrorism

Iran urges US to give up imparting wrong info on causes of terrorism

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Saturday urged US officials to stop giving wrong information on root causes and sources of terrorism.

He made the statement in reaction to the US Defense Secretary James Mattis baseless claims. 

During his recent visit to London, Mattis accused Iran of supporting terrorism, IRNA reported.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “Islamic Republic of Iran believes that one of the reasons behind defeat and inefficiency of international efforts in fighting terrorism is giving wrong information on financial and ideological sources of terrorism and deceiving public opinion about the real countries advocating this sinister phenomena; US Defense Secretary remarks is an example of such a wrong policy.”

“As long as certain states and in particular the US, are committed to ignore the real sources of terrorism and Takfiri-Wahhabi extremism and for political purposes, accuse countries like Iran which has been the victim of various types of terrorism for the past four decades, and when these countries intentionally blindfold themselves on the ceaseless efforts of Tehran against terrorism and encourage and arm supporters of terrorism, one cannot and should not expect that this dangerous and growing tumor is controlled or eliminated.” 

Qasemi said, 'In addition to explicit remarks and confessions of some US officials about their roles in creation and support of the dangerous terrorist groups including Daesh and their open or covert support for other criminal terrorists which are also important to pursue, we should remind Mattis that if he and his colleagues have a serious and real commitment for fighting and confronting terrorism, instead of baseless accusation against Iran and continuation of previous defeated policies including manipulation of terrorism for political purposes, they should try to obligate their close friends in the region who give open, unsparing and generous aids to terrorists to cut their financial, ideological and arm support for Takfiri-terrorist groups.'

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