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Published: 0712 GMT April 08, 2017

Beyond US missile strikes on Syria

Beyond US missile strikes on Syria

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US cruise missile strikes on Syria’s Sharyat Air Base in Homs Province took place while Donald Trump had earlier said he would issue an order for attacking the Arab nation following Tuesday’s suspected chemical attack in Idlib Province.

The missile strikes were illegal and unjustified because the US carried them out before launching a probe into the chemical raid in the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

The propaganda launched by Western media following the gas attack in Khan Sheikhoun, but before an independent inquiry, paved the way for Washington’s aggression on the Syrian air base.

Trump has used the Idlib chemical attack as a pretext to launch a military operation in the Middle East in contradiction to his presidential campaign slogan and his announced polices after he was sworn in as president – “isolationism” versus globalization and “America first” which also meant non-involvement in the Middle East.

For the first time, Damascus was accused of launching a chemical attack in 2013, but the United Nations announced that the raid was carried out by Takfiri terrorist groups, not by Damascus.

The use of chemical gas is condemned under any circumstances. It is a heinous act which is not at all approved or acknowledge by any sane person.

However, there are at least two problems with the US strikes: first, the attack is illegal and illegitimate because it violates the sovereignty of an independent country; second, the attack was not sanctioned by the UN nor does it have international approval.

It is an open fact now that the terrorist groups that are fighting the Syrian nation and government were created and supported by the United States. President Donald Trump confessed on record during his presidential campaign that the terrorist groups active in the Middle East were created by the US administration. 

Therefore, in the first place, the US must stop supporting these notorious groups whose members brutally beheaded Western journalists and Arab citizens who did not subscribe to their cult.

Secondly, the US and its regional allies must stop meddling in Syria and allow the Syrian people to decide their fate. If the US and its allies stop their interference, there will be no grounds for the massacre of innocent human beings by savage groups who kill and behead on the order of others.

Despite the strikes, it seems that the US will not expand its military activities in Syria in a way which would result in an all-out regional war. Hence, regional countries are advised to exercise restraint in a bid to prevent any attempts aimed at fueling tensions.

Iran’s foreign policy apparatus should also make efforts on the basis of national interests to reduce tensions.

Iran’s reactions to the recent developments are very important because the adversaries of the Islamic Republic are seeking to drag Tehran into a regional war under the pretext of the latest tensions in Syria.



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