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Published: 0754 GMT April 22, 2017

Multitalented scholar Sheikh Bahaei to be commemorated

Multitalented scholar Sheikh Bahaei to be commemorated

Several organizations across Iran will commemorate the birth anniversary of Sheikh Bahaei, a Muslim philosopher, architect, mathematician, astronomer and a poet on April 23 which is observed as National Architect Day.

Baha'ddin Mohammad ibn Hossein Ameli, known as Sheikh Bahaei, was born in Baalbek, Lebanon in the 16th-century and then migrated in his childhood to Iran during the Safavid era.

Considered one of the main co-founders of Isfahan School of Islamic philosophy, Sheikh Bahaei became one of the teachers of famous Iranian philosopher Molla Sadra.

There are over 100 treatises and books in different topics attributed to the scholar. He probably wrote 17 books on astronomy and related subjects. They include 'Treatise on the Problems of the Moon and Mercury' and 'Anatomy of the Celestial Spheres'.

Also a versatile writer, his outstanding poetic works in Persian include 'Jame' Abbasi' and two rhymed couplets named 'Milk and Sugar' and 'Bread and Sweets'.

Sheikh Baha' al-Din's fame was due to his excellent command of mathematics, architecture and geometry. Historical Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Charbagh Avenue in Isfahan and the Manar Jonban, also known as the two shaking minarets, in the west of Isfahan, are said to have been designed by Sheikh Bahaei.

Sheikh Bahaei's design and construction of a public bath in Isfahan, still known as Sheikh Bahaei's Bath, was amazing. All the water was heated by a single candle.

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