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Published: 0216 GMT May 05, 2017

Ear problems account for 80% of dizziness cases

Ear problems account for 80% of dizziness cases

By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti

Dizziness is prevalent among the elderly while ear problems account for 80 percent of dizziness cases, said the secretary of the Iranian Association of Audiology.

Bahram Jalaei told Iran Daily that the most common dizziness in Iran is ‎Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, which is more prevalent in the elderly.

The human hearing system includes two parts: One pertains to the hearing, and the other pertains to the balance system.

The hearing part which controls the body’s balance, includes two parts: A semicircular auditory canal that helps the body keep its balance, and the other part that helps one keep his/her body balance in direct moves forward and backward, as well as up and down.

He said the human being has one of the most complete balance systems among living creatures.

The human’s body balance is kept via a control systems, such as the vision system and the hearing balance system, he said.

There are calcium carbonate particles inside the human’s hearing system, he said. These particles indicate the situation of the body, he added.

Jalaei said: “These particles are pulled off from their surface. They may be displaced in one of semicircular auditory canals and go to another place and stimulate the nerve receptors. “This will cause dizziness. When the patient moves his/her head, he/she will feel dizziness.”

The audiologist said: “We usually recognize which semicircular canal is being stimulated through measuring and conducting assessments.”

Then these particles which are immersed in the fluid inside the ear are returned into their original place, he added.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) takes place in the stem of the brain, he said, adding that the patient hears a voice but cannot analyze it.

He called parents’ insistence on changing a child’s left-handedness to right-handedness as a reason behind APD.

Jalaei said the central nervous system is a contributing factor for left-handedness or right-handedness.

“If parents interfere in this matter, APD will occur in a child. This disorder will affect reading, writing, arithmetic, and the hearing of the child.”

He said the 16th Congress of Audiology will be held in Tehran, May 9-11.

The three-day event will revolve around issues such as the body’s balance system, dizziness, hearing disorders, speech disorders, APD, hearing aids, and stem cells, he concluded.

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