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Published: 0815 GMT June 11, 2017

Deputy FM: Terrorists’ masters should be blamed

Deputy FM: Terrorists’ masters should be blamed

Deputy for Legal and International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Araqchi said on Saturday that masters of the terrorists should be blamed for terror attacks.

Referring to the terror attacks that took place in Tehran on Wednesday, he said that Daesh (ISIS) uses barbaric terrorism that is far crueler than the known terrorism.

He said there are some masters who guide these individuals, but using terrorism to open fire aimlessly at innocent people is a sign of their wretchedness, defeat, fear and cowardice.

Araqchi said one shouldn’t say solely that the terror groups are committing the crimes, adding, “One should see that their confused masters are doing so; blind terrorism has no ways except killing innocent people and this is the disaster happening in Syria and Iraq every day.”

He added if Iran were not actively and robustly present in Syria and Iraq, and the defenders of the holy shrines did not selflessly go to the remote regions to fight Daesh, Iran would have to fight Daesh in Iran now.

Referring to Tehran terror attacks, he said that nobody is happy with what happened, but it showed us what insecurity is; blessings are not valued till they are gone.

He said, “We are heartbroken by our fellow countrymen’s death, but we should appreciate the blessing [of security] we enjoy and be grateful to the providers of that.”

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