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Published: 0751 GMT June 21, 2017

Boeing using AI to fly into the future with autonomous planes

Boeing using AI to fly into the future with autonomous planes

Boeing is to begin testing self-driving aeroplanes in a move that will fly the company into the future.

The aviation firm announced that it will develop autonomous aircrafts that have the ability to arrive at a destination without human input, wrote.

Boeing said that it will use artificial intelligence aboard its aircrafts to minimize human needs.

Planes already have the ability to take off, cruise and land with minimal human interference, but Boeing is hoping to increase the amount a plane can do by itself.

Mike Sinnett, Boeing’s vice president of product development, said, "When I look at the future I see a need for you know 41,000 commercial jet airplanes over the course of the next 20 years.

“And that means we're going to need something like six hundred and seventeen thousand more pilots. That's a lot of pilots.

“So one of the ways this may be solved is by having some type of autonomous behavior and that could be anything from taking instead of five pilots on a long haul flight down to three or two, taking two pilots down to one in a freight situation, or in some cases going from one to none.”


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