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Published: 0228 GMT July 07, 2017

'Hidden Lives' inspired by 'Godfather'

'Hidden Lives' inspired by 'Godfather'

An Iranian short animation mini series titled 'Hidden Lives' is inspired by the famous film 'The Godfather'.

Each episode tackles one specific subject. The first season is inspired by the cup of father shown in 'Godfather'. Father's cup has been murdered and the cup's son is seeking to find its father's murderer.

It depicts simple realities of our everyday chaotic lives which received too little attention and we passed them inattentively.

Directed by animator Edris Armaghani and produced by PAJ Animation Studio, 30 episodes of the animation have been made and released in YouTube and Aparat, American and Iranian video sharing websites respectively.

Live action technique has been used in making of the series. It means the production team has mixed animated characters, which are everyday objects, with real people, whose limbs (arms and legs) only appear in the work.

The themes are usually based on social and environmental issues. Some episodes bear a comic tone while others are quite serious, however, as the director said, "all age groups can enjoy the work".

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