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Published: 0228 GMT August 05, 2017

Tehran hosting specialized exhibition of NTBF of Electricity, Electronics, IT

Tehran hosting specialized exhibition of NTBF of Electricity, Electronics, IT

The First Specialized Exhibition of New Technology Based Firms of Electricity, Electronics and IT is underway in Tehran, said the secretary of the event.

Ebrahim Sadeqi further said that 100 top Iranian companies using modern technologies in the fields of power industry, electronics and information technology (IT) are taking part in the event.

Foreign visitors have commended the progress made by Iranian companies, he said, adding that most of them expressed willingness to purchase technology-based products from Iranian companies.

Sadeqi expounded the main achievements of Iran's new technology based firms (NTBFs) which attracted the visitors are as follows:



Oil, gas, petrochemicals


Two Iranian companies, using expert software, developed the control and monitoring systems of refineries and piping grids of oil and gas as well as power plants. The modern devised system helps the companies to have an online control on many parts of a power plant, refinery and transfer network to prevent any error.



Medical equipment


An Iranian company has designed sets to monitor vital signs of patients which were exported to 43 countries including Germany and Canada. The introduced sets controls the heart rate, blood pressure and patient anesthesia.





Iranian researchers are showcasing electronic boards of 4 gigahertz frequency in the exhibition. The frequency range of these boards is about four times broader than normal boards which Iran is allowed to import. The developed board makes use of modern field-programmable gate array (FPGA) which enables more speedy process of data.





Some companies have designed antennas using 4G and beamforming technologies which allows the users to focus on WiFi signal. Just some few companies enjoy the technology which allows the antennas to alter the beams horizontally and vertically.





Some other Iranian firms are taking part in the event to showcase their products which analyze 'big data' using artificial intelligence with high speed.



Power plants


A company has designed turbine blades using modern single crystal technology. Prior to current event, just German company of Siemens provided Iranian companies with limited access to blade production know-how, but an Iranian company provides the technology for Iranian plants.



Optic devices


Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is a technology that puts data from different sources together on an optical fiber, with each signal carried at the same time on its own separate light wavelength. Some Iranian companies presented their DWDM products in the exhibition.


The exhibition kicked off on Thursday and will continue until Monday.

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