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Published: 0441 GMT September 23, 2014

Iranian harvest festivals

Iranian harvest festivals

Many Iranian festivals, which date back to ancient times, are celebrated in the harvest season annually.

Translated by Fatemeh Shokri


Iran has a diverse climate and proper soil for cultivation, helping many kinds of plants grow in various provinces.  

Some of these festivals, including honey, carrot, rice, wheat and grape harvest, attract many tourists every year. These festivals are mostly accompanied with live music performance.

Most of these festivals are held in summer and autumn. The main goals of these festivals are to celebrate the efforts of farmers and continue their ancestral customs.

Some of these festivals are outlined below:

Grape Festival: With an antiquity of 3,000 years, the grape festival is held in Orumieh, West Azarbaijan province, in summer (September) annually.

The festival is celebrated with Azari music and participants wear traditional clothes.

A contest for making grape concentrate is also held during the festival.

Carrot Festival: This festival is held in Lorestan province.

Nearly 100 tons of carrots are harvested in the region by the end of the harvest season (October 26).

Other festivals for marking the harvest of watermelon, honey and wheat are also held in the city of Sharifah, Lorestan province.

Kharman Festival: Wheat is considered a sacred plant in many countries. Many farmers worldwide hold harvest festivals. 

During the harvest season, the local people of northern Iranian cities gather near wheat farms. They hold a celebration and pray that the next year will also be a bountiful year. 

Tiregan and Khazan festivals: Some events, such as Tiregan and Khazan ceremonies, are rooted in ancient religions. Tiregan is an ancient Iranian rain festival observed on July 4.

The ceremonies are still observed by Zoroastrians in Yazd and Kerman provinces. It is a custom of Zoroastrian farmers to present a gift to the temple named Dorr-e Mehr.



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