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Published: 0233 GMT August 29, 2017

Strange loud "Trumpet" sound from the sky in Astara

Strange loud "Trumpet" sound from the sky in Astara

People in Iran's northwestern port city of Astara were concerned by extremely loud sounds coming from the sky on Monday.

All over the world, people are recording extremely loud sounds coming from the sky. In many instances, these distinctive noises, sound like someone is blowing a trumpet.

Until now, such strange noises have been detected and heard in the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, and other several countries despite the minimal hype.

Several social media users have taken initiatives to record the sounds and have uploaded them on YouTube.

According to NASA, the sounds which are pretty similar to the sound of a trumpet's echo could be equal to the background music score which we normally hear from sci-fi movies, though such sounds are coming directly from the earth.

NASA further explains that such phenomenon is natural and occurs all the time, however, due to the human's restricted hearing ability, it couldn't detect the sounds when it doesn't occur in high volume.

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