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Published: 0219 GMT September 17, 2017

Iran to honor bard Shahriar on Day of Persian Poetry

Iran to honor bard Shahriar on Day of Persian Poetry

September 18 is marked in Iran as the 'Day of Persian Poetry and Literature' to coincide with the death anniversary of the legendary Iranian poet Shahriar.

Poetries of Mohammad-Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi, whose pen-name was Shahriar, is still alive and prevailing with the passage of 70 years since his famous poem praising Imam Ali (PBUH) and it is still recited in mosques, literature workshops, universities and other forums and each time it seems more vivid. This is the main element in the great poet's Persian folk poems.

The poet's most famous works are 'Heidar Babaya Salam', a poem dedicated to his birthplace, and 'The Blessed Bird of Good Omen', which is about Imam Ali (PBUH), the first Shia Imam.

Published in 1954, 'Heidar Babaya Salam' is about a mountain where the poet spent his childhood and has been translated into more than 30 languages.

His poems are mainly influenced by the well-known Iranian poet Hafez. His most famous Azari language poem 'Heidar-Baba' has so far been translated into 90 languages.

Shahriar was the first Iranian to write significant poetry in Azarbaijani language. He published his first book of poems in 1929, with prefaces by Mohammad-Taqi Bahar, Saeed Nafisi, and Pejman Bakhtiari.

Shahriar (1906-1988) has seen the three eras of Qajars, Pahlavi, and Islamic Republic. A more profound look into his poetry reveals his objection to injustice and narrow-mindedness. He was a gigantic figure indeed who supported his people at critical times such as the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war when he reinforced the morale of Iranian soldiers through his poems.

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