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Published: 0316 GMT September 21, 2017

US 'most dangerous threat in the world': Analyst

US 'most dangerous threat in the world': Analyst

Adam Garrie, managing editor of, says the US is the real threat to the world peace and tranquility, because American officials are pushing the world towards another world war.

“America is the biggest and therefore the most dangerous [threat] in the world” because “America could launch World War III,” Garrie told Press TV.

The US administration is in serious denial of the realities of the world, which makes it “a dangerous state” for other nations, he said.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said that if forced, the US "will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea."

Garrie criticized Trump for his harsh rhetoric against Pyongyang, saying the United Nations is an organization to resolve international differences through dialog and diplomacy.

“No one wants war in North Korea except the United States,” and “North Korea has said many times it does not want war but it is acting from a defensive position,” the analyst argued.

He further slammed Washington's hostile policies towards both Pyongyang and Tehran.

The only thing North Korea and Iran have in common is that “America wants to destroy their sovereignty,” Garrie said.

However, he warned the American authorities that “China will not allow a war to transpire on its doorstep and nor will Russia.”



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