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Published: 0930 GMT October 09, 2017

US new sanctions to evoke Iran’s harsh response

US new sanctions to evoke Iran’s harsh response

While hoping that US President Donald Trump administration would refrain from imposing new sanctions on Iran, FM Spokesman Bahram Qasemi stressed that Iran’s response would be ‘harsh’ and ‘decisive’ in the face of further sanctions.

Qasemi made the remarks in his weekly press conference on Monday while asked to comment about IRGC chief’s warning against Washington’s new sanctions on Iran under the pretext of the country’s missile program and ‘supporting terrorism’, MNA reported.

IRGC commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Sunday that if the US designates Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist group, Iran, too, would consider American army present in West Asia as the Daesh terrorist group.

Qasemi added, “I do hope that the US governing body would refrain from making the same strategic mistake by imposing further sanctions on Iran, but if they move toward this decision, Iran’s response would be decisive and harsh.

“I believe that the US has to accept all the consequences of that decision,” he added, while hoping that Washington would not go ahead with that measure.

The Trump administration has certified Iran’s compliance to the nuclear deal twice before, but speculations say the US president will decide to decertify Iran’s compliance in his October 15 report to the Congress a move that could set up Congress to impose sanctions on Iran that violate the agreement.

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