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Published: 0711 GMT October 30, 2017

Trump brings disturbance to Islamic world: Qatari journalist

Trump brings disturbance to Islamic world: Qatari journalist

US President Donald Trump has brought disturbance to Islamic world, the Qatari cultural editor of Al-Watan newspaper said.

Talking to IRNA reporters on the sidelines of the 23rd Press Exhibition underway in Tehran, Elrabee M. Salih said, “Trump brought disturbance in the Islamic world in order to exert influence on these countries.”

Commenting on Trump's recent approach toward Iran nuclear deal known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he added that Islamic and the Arab world are going through economic and political problems and Trump tries to benefit of this for the sake of his own country.

“About Trump era everybody would simply say this is an era of disturbance, disturbance in politics, economy, even in thoughts because Trump has already practiced and is still practicing very odd and very ambiguous policies, especially with this area, the Arab area and the Islamic world in this region,” he said.

“So, I think all the people of the region have no interest in Trump and his policies and anti-Iran policies are going to fail.”

“They [Trump's policies] have no logic; it has no political basics, economic basics that is why these policies are going to fail.”

In response to a question about US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's recent Middle East tour, he said, “Of course, Trump's regime with all his ministers policies are based upon policy of getting money from Saudi Arabia and other countries in different ways, by selling arms and sometimes by blackmailing countries.”

“What he is doing with Iran is a blackmailing policy,” he added.

Expressing his idea of the future of Iran nuclear deal, Salih said, “Iran announced many times that this project is a peaceful project for the sake of generation of Iran and others and Iran has never been hostile to use these weapons and use it for making destruction.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Qatari journalist pointed to media cooperation between the two countries, saying “nowadays the relationships between Iran and Qatar are at the best situation because of the economic, cultural and political cooperation between the two countries.”

“We are looking forward to good relations and cooperation in information field,” he added.

The 23rd Press Exhibition kicked off at Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Ground (Mosalla) on October 28. It runs until November 3.

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