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Published: 0419 GMT November 06, 2017

Deputy minister: Iran exporting construction engineering techniques to Asian, African states

Deputy minister: Iran exporting construction engineering techniques to Asian, African states

By Farzam Vanaki

Both Iran's neighboring and non-neighboring countries, including the Middle Eastern, East Asian and some African states, are among the importers of Iran's construction engineering techniques, said the deputy roads and urban development minister.

Speaking to Iran Daily Houshang Ashayeri added a number of private Iranian companies are currently present in these countries, providing techno-engineering services in the fields of building as well as roads and railroad construction.

Ashayeri, who is also the caretaker of the Urban Development and Revitalization Company, listed the importers of Iran's construction engineering techniques and techo-engineering services as Iraq, Indonesia, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and seven African states.

He added the Iranian government is strongly supporting Iranian private and state-run organizations and companies in exporting techo-engineering services and construction engineering techniques to guarantee their success in their undertakings.

Ashayeri noted that for instance, in the field of building construction, Iranian companies export domestically produced light steel frame construction systems, adding, as a part of their activities in overseas road and railroad construction projects, they provide construction engineering services.

He said Iran has always been among top countries in the Middle East in the field of construction engineering.

A glance at the 5,000-year history of Iran's engineering techniques and its present-day construction engineering achievements and progress indicates that the country has always had a special status in the field of science and construction engineering, particularly, in the Middle East.

"Although on the surface, it appears that modern techniques have been used in the structure and buildings constructed in the Persian Gulf littoral states and a number of the regional countries, none of them have, in fact, been designed or put up by indigenous engineers. In fact they are importing both the techniques and skilled workers. This is while, we can proudly announce that Iran is not a major importer of engineering techniques from project managers' point of view."

He said Iranian students, veteran professional, experienced engineers, who have spent a lifetime in the construction sector, and architects, who are well-known in the field of designing buildings and structures, have always had a successful presence in international conferences and shone in global competitions.

Currently, Iranians are teaching architecture courses in leading international universities, the deputy minister underlined.

He stressed that Iran's high status and broad and brilliant historical background in the field of construction engineering and architecture makes it obligatory for the country to export engineering techniques and techno-engineering services in the field of construction to the states that need them.

Ashayeri said Iran has serious rivals — developed countries — in the global competition in the field of transferring technology and technique, adding, "However, those states, in a way, find our Iranian-Islamic identity and architecture in greater harmony and congruence with their taste and favor our architectural and engineering designs, thoughts and knowledge [more than those of the developed states] — as they believe it to be closer to their nature and preferences — know that no other country except Iran is capable of catering to their urban development and construction needs."

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that those Middle Eastern and African states as well as Muslim countries, whose urban development techniques have, approximately, been derived and expanded from what has been used in Iran since ancient times, show keen interest in cooperating with Iran's construction engineering sector.

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