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Published: 0457 GMT November 11, 2017

Iran slams UK position over Yemen missile strike on Riyadh

Iran slams UK position over Yemen missile strike on Riyadh

Iranian mission in London in a statement protested against Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa's statement which was released on Nov 9 as Regard Iran's role in Yemeni strike on Riyadh.

“It is so strange that despite the fact that the Saudi-backed military coalition claimed the ballistic missile fired by Yemen on Riyadh was from Iran, US Foreign and Commonwealth Office urged Iran to play positive role in solving Yemeni crisis,” the statement read, IRNA wrote.

“Needless to say that the cruel manslaughter of defenseless and innocent women and children in Yemen and destroying infrastructures by Saudi-backed coalition during two years using those weaponry provided by Western countries namely UK caused massive killing of people, creating famine and Cholera outbreak in the country,” the statement added.

“Saudis recent act to impose full blockade on Yemen and close all roads caused difficulty in sending humanitarian aids to Yemeni people.

“According to United Nations reports, if the situation continues Yemen will face unprecedented famine and humanitarian crisis.

“Islamic Republic of Iran has always underlined rapid cessation of killing of innocent people in Yemen and the need to end the crisis in that country.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in 2015 had submitted a four-point peace plan which is now valid for solving the crisis.

“In 2015, soon after Saudi coalition initiated war on Yemen, I wrote to UNSG offering a four-point peace plan: Ceasefire; Humanitarian Assistance; Intra-Yemeni Dialog; and Inclusive Government. Over 2.5 years and many lives later, that plan is still valid today,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account.

“Finally, UK government and all other countries that send weapons to coalition member states are expected to stop exporting arms, military attacks and destroying infrastructures in Yemen.”

“Iranian mission also urged UK government to invite all sides to hold negotiations to find a political solution.”

Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt in a statement which was released on Thursday expressed concerns over reports regarding Iran giving ballistic missiles to Houthis in Yemen.

He condemned Nov 4 missile attack by Yemen on Riyadh and he urged the United Nations to investigate the report.

The Yemeni army had targeted the King Khalid international airport in the Saudi capital, Riyadh by a long-range ballistic missile on November 4.

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