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Published: 0830 GMT November 14, 2017

Zarif: US seeks tension to block road to Iran's use of JCPOA

Zarif: US seeks tension to block road to Iran's use of JCPOA

Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said the US government cannot hide behind the shield of Congress decisions.

Parliament website quoted Zarif as saying that the US is after tension to block Iran's benefit from the JCPOA, IRNA reported.

Commenting on the effect of congress decisions on the JCPOA fate, he said the US internal regulations are related to the US, but from the standpoint of the international community, the US government is accountable for the implementation of the international commitments and this is of high importance.

He said, “Eventually, we will make necessary decisions in proportionate to the US measures.”

The minister said, “There is a topic in international law – ill intention – and the countries declining to enforce international accords with good intention, suffer a shortcoming: 'lack of good intention'.”

He said that the US policy suffers lack of good intention. This especially holds true with the policies of the new US administration, added the minister.

“I’ll intention has been at work since Trump's administration took office.”

Zarif said Americans are trying to make the situation convulsive in order to prevent Iran's benefiting from the JCPOA. “Such a practice is not only in contradiction with the principle of good intention, but also contradict articles 26, 28 and 29 of the JCPOA.”

“As per the law, Iranian Foreign Ministry has the duty to present report every three months and the ministry has hence presented its reports once in three months,” added Zarif.

The report has fully referred to the US breach of its commitments, complained Zarif.

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