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Published: 0830 GMT November 16, 2017

Ex-Swedish PM slams US Congress anti-JCPOA acts

Ex-Swedish PM slams US Congress anti-JCPOA acts

Former Swedish Prime Minister in a message has criticized measures taken by US Congress to block sale of Airbus aircrafts to Iran.

'US Congress considering to block sale of civilian Airbus aircrafts to Iran. Senseless,' Carl Bildt said in a Twitter message released on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

This is while international communities have warned US against imposing new sanctions on Iran.

The US politicians namely John Kerry Former United States Secretary of State together with some other members of Congress have earlier urged Washington caution on imposing fresh sanctions against Iran. 

In an anti-Iran speech on October 13, Trump announced his decision to not certify Iran's commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal, despite eight reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Tehran has been fully implementing the landmark agreement signed between Iran and members of the Group 5+1 (The US, UK, France, Russia and China plus Germany).

The move by Trump prompted criticism by the signatories to the deal. Besides, the US experts have warned Trump administration of the consequences of the decision. The unilateral withdrawal of the US from a multilaterally-negotiated deal would risk international pacts' credibility, as well as that of the US.

On October 15, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reacted to Trump's move by saying, 'This administration is withdrawing from everything. Somebody called it withdrawal doctrine for this administration. It's withdrawing from NAFTA. It's withdrawing from Trans Pacific Partnership. It's withdrawing from UNESCO. It's withdrawing from everything. So people cannot trust anymore the word of the United States.'

EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini in a decisive reaction to Trump's decision said that JCPOA is not a bilateral deal and belongs to no country and no president can terminate it.

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