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Published: 0557 GMT November 20, 2017

Preventing flu, a simple way to prevent sinusitis

Preventing flu, a simple way to prevent sinusitis
Executive secretary of the Sixth International Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Congress Dr. Nader Akbari Dilmaqani (R), talking to Iran Daily reporter.

By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti

Sinusitis is one of the most common ailment which could affect anyone throughout the year, said executive secretary of the Sixth International Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Congress.

Dr. Nader Akbari Dilmaqani told Iran Daily that the easiest way to avert sinusitis is to prevent flu and treat it promptly.

In fact, sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses around the nose, he said, adding there are several nasal cavities in this area which are covered by ciliated mucosa.

“If mucosa is inflamed, we say one suffers sinusitis.”

Usually, those who catch a cold, will have rhinitis — irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane within the nose — resulting in sinusitis inflammation, he said.

Sinusitis with viral infection is treated soon, but bacterial sinus infection is dangerous, he pointed out.

He said bacterial sinusitis could be treated with drugs and surgery is not required, he added.

Akbari Dilmaqani continued that chronic sinusitis, which doesn’t have any definite treatment, creates problems for those affected.

If a person has sinusitis symptoms for more than 12 consecutive weeks, he/she suffers chronic sinusitis, he noted, adding, surgery is not the ultimate treatment, but it can be helpful.

After middle ear infection, he said, sinusitis is second cause of taking antibiotics in the US. Therefore, sinusitis can be considered a most common disease, he stated.

He mentioned that frequent flu infections and allergy are the main factors instigating bacterial sinusitis.

Respiratory infections caused by flu, are considered a major cause of sinusitis in children, while allergy is the main factor in the development of sinusitis in adults, he said.

Akbari Dilmaqani added that rhinology — with a 15-year history — is a sub-surgery of ear, nose and throat.

Rhinology focuses on treating diseases and disorders affecting the nose and sinuses, he said.

However, rhinologists can have access to the eye and its muscles, brain and skull base through nasal cavity and treat the patient, he added.

Pituitary tumors are the most common tumors of the skull base, he said, noting that 60 percent of skull base surgeries are conducted to remove pituitary tumors.

The Sixth International Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Congress will be held at Razi Hall of Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran during November 22-24, he concluded.

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