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Published: 0601 GMT November 21, 2017

Knee arthritis, most common joint disease

Knee arthritis, most common joint disease

By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti

Arthritis is considered the most common disease of the body’s joints, said a member of Iranian Society of Knee Surgery.

Sohrab Keyhani told Iran Daily that obesity is the most important factor behind development of knee arthritis.

He said genetics is defining factor in abrasion of the knee joint.

Keyhani said knee arthritis is majorly caused by foot deformity.

Those who have parentheses feet face lots of pressure on their knees — exposing them more to development of arthritis, he added.

Also, daily habits such as sitting posture intensify arthritis, he said. One should prevent sitting on the floor and avoid using Iranian toilet, he added.

Controlling weight is the most important measure for preventing arthritis, he said.

He said road accidents may cause traumas and problems in knees, adding knee trauma and disability affects a young or middle-aged person for the whole life.

Keyhani continued that the majority of those who refer the orthopedic centers face problems in their inferior organs and joints.

Many people may face problems in carpal and shoulder joints, but since these joints don’t endure the body’s weight, they don’t need instant treatment, he said.

However, those who have injury in their weight-bearing joints such as knee, refer the physician or orthopedist as soon as possible, he mentioned.

The sub specialist also said knee arthritis is more prevalent in women than men, attributing it to more excess weight in women and less physical activity.

Keyhani said knee replacement surgery is not the sole treatment for removing arthritis. One who undergoes this surgery should get physical therapy and do corrective exercises, he added.

He mentioned that 90 percent of those who undergo knee replacement surgery, are the old people who need the surgery because of aging.

The rest 10 percent are middle-aged persons who need knee replacement surgery due to accidents and sport injuries, he added.

He put the life expectancy of the replaced joint between 15 and 20 years on average. But, if one doesn’t control his/her excess weight, the replaced joint will be injured sooner, he warned.

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