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Published: 0116 GMT December 04, 2017

Yemen’s Interior Ministry: Ex-president Saleh killed in Yemen fighting

Yemen’s Interior Ministry: Ex-president Saleh killed in Yemen fighting
Yemen's then President Ali Abdullah Saleh points during an interview with selected media in Sana’a, on May 25, 2011.

Yemen’s Interior Ministry issued a statement confirming the death of the country's ousted president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, during clashes in capital Sana'a.

The radio station of Yemen had said on Monday the ex-president was killed as fighting racked the capital though there was no independent confirmation.

Footage circulated by Yemeni social media users appeared to a show corpse resembling Saleh. Armed militiamen unfurled a blanket containing the corpse and shouted, “praised God!” and “hey Ali Affash!”, another last name for Saleh, Reuters reported.

The radio station said the official Houthi TV station would soon broadcast footage of Saleh’s dead body.

Saleh’s party had denied to Reuters that their leader had been killed and said he was still leading forces in heavy fighting in Sana’a that has killed at least 125 people and wounded 238 in six days, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

His whereabouts were unknown and he has made no public appearances since the reports of his death surfaced.

According to Press TV, the Interior Ministry further said in its statement that Saleh had been creating “chaos” in the country through cooperating with “militias of aggression” and by providing help to “extremist militias.”

The ministry added that the Yemeni forces, backed by fighters from the popular Ansarullah Houthi movement, were in full control of all positions previously held by Saleh’s militias in Sana’a.

The statement also noted that conflicts, which had plagued Sana’a during past days, were actually over after death of Saleh.

"The Interior Ministry announces the end of the crisis of the treason militia and the killing of its leader and a number on his criminal partisans," it added.

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