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Published: 0311 GMT December 08, 2017

Moein: Iranians need fast-paced book

Moein: Iranians need fast-paced book

By Sadeq Dehqan & Hamideh Hosseini

Usually a writer’s first book will not grab so much public attention, especially if the writer is a young one. ‘Mr. Writer's Cold Coffee’ by Rouzbeh Moein is one of the books highly welcomed by readers and in its unveiling ceremony its first edition was sold out and three days later people stood in queues for hours to buy the book. The 48th edition of the book was released in only eight months.

The book which is about two hundred pages narrates the story of a young author who is inflicted with some psychological problems and sometimes irrelevant stories occurs to his mind. The reader will face various stories and several characters in the novel.

Short and succinct stories which happen one after another attract readers in general and young generation in particular. The same aspect has raised strong criticisms of classic work proponents who favor details and scene-setting.

Iran Daily in an interview with Rouzbeh Moein, the writer of the above book and a play titled ‘When Rain Plays Piano’ discussed his novel ‘Mr. Writer's Cold Coffee’.

Excerpts from the interview follow:


IRAN DAILY: Once I was reviewing your résumé I have understood that you have also experience in fields of drama, novel and cartoon. Which of the aforementioned fields is your favorite?

MOEIN: There are many writers who began their careers by writing plays and some of them continued novel writing and some became more interested in writing screenplay. I began drawing cartoons since I was a teenager and still I do it now and then. I also received some national awards in this field. But I changed my mind and focused more on writing novels because writing plays includes some limitations in proceeding the story, particularly in Iran whose Vahdat Hall and City Theater are the only theater halls in which changing the mise en scène is possible.

But in writing novels one does not face such limitations and can change the scenery as much as one desires. This is the reason I have focused on novel writing. No one knows the future, but at present I prefer to be more involved in novel writing.


Your book is among one of the best-sellers. What is the reason in your opinion?

The novel follows a new style. I do not say that it has a new structure, but I tried to insert a very fast rhythm into the story and get rid of redundant descriptions. Iranian readers like fast-paced book. It happens a lot that you introduce a book to someone, but due to slow rhythm of its plot, it cannot attract reader’s attention and he gives it up at the very first moments.

One of the criticisms against my book is the same issue, but I tried to describe the scenery as much as the reader needs. Unlike other novelists who focus on beautiful scene description, I tried to proceed the story and thus there may be 50 stories in the book.


Large number of stories in your novel required many characters. What is the reason behind creating so many characters?

The novel is about a writer who occasionally lives in his illusionary world. The novel juxtaposes the story of a person who suffers from schizophrenia in a lunatic asylum. All the characters in the book narrate a story for him. Most writers with schizophrenia attempt suicide and I think that it is normal because writers are so much immersed in their imagination that the line between reality and imagination is blurred for them. Because the protagonist of the novel is an author suffering from the disease, the book required several characters.

One point in the book is that by “growing” I do not mean getting older in terms of age, rather I mean that those who travel more, communicate with people and understand their problems are senior people, regardless of their age. It is natural that while you read a book and put yourself in the shoes of its characters, you will grow more. Once you read a novel, you live with its characters and you identify with the story’s characters.


Before your book was released in the market, a few pages were posted on social network pages such as Instagram, do you think that it was effective in attracting more readers?

Compared to other writers, I do not have many followers on my page, but I must admit it was highly effective and people should know how to use technology and social networks in their field work.


There have been many writers who gave up after their first success in novel writing, how long do you think your success will last?

I believe that it has happened to many writers, but personally I do not think that I have reached that climax in my profession. I am always trying to be successful and interestingly I am thinking about my next literary work which would be much more complicated than ‘Mr. Writer's Cold Coffee’.


Would you kindly explain a bit about your forthcoming work?

I worked on ‘Mr. Writer's Cold Coffee’ for three years and it was printed almost in March. My next work is about a modern subject and advanced technologies which is a new topic and no author has ever used it before.

Because knowing quantum physics was a prerequisite to the themed of this novel, I have studied six month on this fundamental theory in physics as well as astronomy and occult (knowledge of hidden). It has been a year that I have begun writing it. I think that it will be in three volumes of which the first will be published in the next two years.


Do you think that ‘Mr. Writer's Cold Coffee’ will be translated into other languages?

I have received request letters for its translation from many countries including Russia, Egypt, the UK and Italy. But I preferred to cooperate with one publisher in order to have my book translated in many languages. Based on previous agreements, the book is going to be translated into Arabic, Russian, Spanish and English.



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