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Published: 0359 GMT December 17, 2017

German analyst: Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy disastrous

German analyst: Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy disastrous

By Hossein Ziaee

Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy is disastrous, said Stefan Buchen, a German analyst, in a televised interview on Wednesday.

Over the past five years, Saudi Arabia’s diplomacy has been full of failures, he added, speaking to One, a digital television channel operated by the German public broadcaster ARD.

Enumerating the dire consequences of the Arab state’s policies and moves in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Qatar, Buchen said, “A careful study of Saudi Arabia’s diplomacy in the Middle East easily shows that the balance sheet of the country’s foreign policy in the region has been catastrophic.

Citing Saudi Arabia’s defeat in Syria’s war, the most crucial event in the Middle East, as an example of the country’s unsuccessful policies in the region, he said not only did Riyadh fail to topple Bashar al-Assad’s government, it also deprived itself of the opportunity to develop its relations with and expand its influence in Syria.

“This comes as Riyadh has also failed to achieve any of its goals in Yemen after waging war against its poverty-stricken southern neighbor.”

He cited the murder of the ex-Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had recently stressed renewal of relations with Riyadh, as another clear sign of Saudi Arabia’s weakness and failure in Yemen.

The German analyst said Saudi Arabia’s fiasco against Qatar and the fact that none of Riyadh’s preconditions for normalization of ties with Doha were fulfilled by its eastern neighbor are two clear evidences of Al Saud regime’s great intra-family failure.

He added that Riyadh’s failed diplomacy in Lebanon and the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri are among the other links of the continuing chain of the Saudi Kingdom’s successive defeats in the Middle East.

Buchen said many maintain that Iran and Saudi Arabia are each other’s rivals in the Middle East, whereas the latter is not formidable enough to be deemed the former’s opponent.

Tehran’s level in different areas is far higher than that of Riyadh, he added.


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