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Published: 0545 GMT January 09, 2018

Trump serving interests of both Republican and Democratic billionaires: Analyst

Trump serving interests of both Republican and Democratic billionaires: Analyst

An American political analyst and activist says calls for US President Donald Trump’s impeachment will not go very far since Trump is serving the interests of the donor class of both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Billionaire investor and Democratic backer Tom Steyer has stepped up his campaign to impeach Trump, and says he will inject $30 million into Democrats' efforts to regain control of Congress.

“Millionaires and billionaires with political axes to grind can spend as much as they want for promoting impeachment but it isn’t going anywhere,” Myles Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, told Press TV Tuesday.

“Although a colossal embarrassment at all levels, Trump is serving the interests of the Republican Party and the donor class that fuels their re-election campaigns, as well as the Democratic Party machinery,” he added.

“His tax bill, war mongering, anti-environmentalism are really very mainstream. Republicans want him in because they’re afraid of his base and Democrats want him in as a campaign target. But his policies serve the interests of both parties’ donors, not necessarily who they represent,” the analyst said.

“Nothing can really happen until after the election of 2018, and their swearing in January of 2019. If the Democrats control the Congress, they theoretically could call for impeachment but they would need to control the Senate to make his removal possible,” he stated.  

“They never tried under President Bush when they had the power and numbers and certainly the charges but this is more based on personalities. They also realize that a Pence administration would be far worse on every level and an unsuccessful impeachment could also backfire. President Clinton was impeached and he went from irrelevancy to being the favorite Democratic President since FDR, even if his policies were straight out of Ronald Reagan’s playbook,” the commentator noted.

“Mr. Steyer’s attempt to revitalize the call for impeachment has now been overshadowed by Oprah Winfrey! Democrats, who think on such shallow levels, are looking at a matchup between her and Trump, as if it’s a heavyweight championship battle between Ali and Fraser, with years of promotion ahead,” Hoenig said.

“Impeachment is serious but requires it to be fully thought out. That rarely happens in Washington,” he concluded. 

Steyer, who has spent tens of millions of dollars on political campaigns and grassroots voter outreach since 2016, said he is trying to mobilize young voters and flip enough Republican seats to put the House of Representatives in Democratic hands.

The billionaire environmentalist who endorsed Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 race, has sent letters to congressmen and governors around the country urging them to take action against the "dangerous" president.

"My job is to remove Donald Trump from office," he told reporters in Washington on Monday. "2018 is a battle for the soul of (this) country. That's why I'm all in."

The 60-year-old said he now wants to expand the Trump impeachment campaign into a vehicle for "an unprecedented engagement effort" with getting help from young American voters to oust dozens of Republicans from office in November.

A majority vote in the House of Representatives is necessary to impeach a president, which would lead to a trial in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority is essential for conviction.

A majority of American voters believe Trump is not "fit to serve as president" of the United States, according to some polls.

A new explosive book, titled "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", has revealed that "one hundred percent" of those around the US president consider him “moron" or "idiot.”

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