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Published: 0525 GMT January 10, 2018

Trump mocked for forgetting US national anthem (Video)

Trump mocked for forgetting US national anthem (Video)

US President Donald Trump’s knowledge of the national anthem has been questioned after he struggled to keep up with the rest of the crowd during the opening ceremony at a college football game in the US state of Georgia.

Trump was mocked by his critics on social media after he appeared to sing some — but not all — of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ in front of tens of thousands of fans at a college championship game in Atlanta on Monday between the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama, reported.

Televised footage of the match shows that Trump, for part of the song, appears to mouth along to some of the words, while at other points he paused, stayed silent, or looked around at the crowd.

Political opponents accused the 71-year-old of forgetting the lyrics particularly after it was time to place hand on heart and belt out the famous song. Trump is shown keeping his lips shut or mouthing garbled words.

The national anthem became a controversial issue of the US politics in September after Trump's severe criticism of NFL players kneeling during the song as a way to protest against violence towards black Americans.

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