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Published: 0430 GMT January 10, 2018

Iran slams US interventionist resolution

Iran slams US interventionist resolution

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Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman vehemently condemned the resolution approved by the US Congress supporting recent riots in the Middle Eastern state and said the interventionist enactment is a rejected issue and a heinous and unacceptable act.

The US Congress resolution was passed on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

Moves by the US government, such as approving this resolution as well as releasing statements and perpetrating hostile acts against the brave and mature people of Iran, have always been completely known to wise Iranians and are undoubtedly a failed policy, added Bahram Qassemi, commenting on the unwise and irrational trend pursued by the US to meddle in other countries’ internal affairs, which is against international laws and regulations, IRNA reported.

Such moves by the US government result from the excessive demands and domineering nature of the rulers of the country, he said.

Qassemi noted that these repetitive, pretentious and politically-oriented resolutions are indicative of the true nature of the US’ meddlesome regime which, over the past decades, have repeatedly been witnessed by the Iranian people.

“The US government, on one hand, chants completely fake slogans claiming to be supporting the people of Iran, and, on the other hand, reproaches these civilized people by imposing cruel sanctions on them, banning their entry into its territory and perpetrating other malicious acts against them.”

He added that US officials are, once again, required to learn that the proud and honorable people of Iran have always carefully monitored the pursuit of such hostile policies and double standards against their country and will, if necessary, give a strong response to such unwise moves when the time is right.


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