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Published: 0347 GMT January 14, 2018

Iraqi PM Abadi to seek re-election in May vote

Iraqi PM Abadi to seek re-election in May vote

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Sunday his candidacy for the May 12 parliamentary elections to choose a prime minister.

Abadi, a Shia Muslim who led the country in the four-year war against Daesh, said he will seek to form a cross-sectarian bloc called the ‘Victory Alliance’ to contest the parliamentary elections, with candidates from other communities, Reuters wrote.

Abadi took over the premiership in 2014 from Nuri al-Maliki.

Maliki, who heads the Shia Dawa Party, announced on Saturday he will be running in the elections.

Abadi is a Dawa member but he didn’t secure Maliki’s endorsement for his candidacy. Maliki said on Saturday Dawa supporters will be free to choose between his alliance, called ‘State of Law’, and Abadi’s ‘Victory Alliance’.

Abadi is credited for quickly rebuilding the army and defeating Daesh in its main Iraqi stronghold, Mosul, last July.

Maliki holds the ceremonial title of vice-president. He remains a powerful political figure as head of the Dawa and the largest political bloc in the current parliament.

The prime minister’s office is reserved for Iraq’s majority Shia Arab community under a power-sharing system set up after the 2003 ouster of former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

The largely ceremonial office of president is reserved for a Kurdish member of parliament. The speaker of parliament is drawn from Sunni Arab MPs.

The parliament is yet to approve the May 12 date for the elections.


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