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Published: 0520 GMT January 15, 2018

More money needed to address climate change

More money needed to address climate change
Miroslav Lajcak

For the first time since the World War II we are at a grave risk of leaving the planet in worse shape than how we received it from our predecessors, the President of the UN General Assembly said.

Miroslav Lajcak, who is visiting the UAE for Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, said global warming was a reality that affected living conditions around the world, reported

“We can’t guarantee that the living conditions for our children will be better than they were for us and this is a grave risk,” he said before giving a lecture at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy.

“There are countries that are disappearing from the surface of the planet, there are people who were forced to leave their homes because they are no longer liveable so I believe this is no longer denied and we need to advance this.”

He said despite the world coming together in a pledge to fight climate change, hard action is still needed as well as financial resources, which are falling short.

“We agreed in Paris to limit the global warming below 2°C and eventually if possible below 1.5°C but we are not delivering,” Lajcak said.

“We’re short of $100 billion a year to do so, so we need to talk about that. The good thing is we are able to agree on policies but this agreement should be followed by concrete action, and the action is missing in many cases so we need to have events like ADSW and speak about positive examples, speak openly about the problems and link our ambitions and plans with financial resources.”

The challenges facing the world today, including climate change, global warming, terrorism and migration, are global in nature and therefore require an international effort, he said.

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