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Published: 1016 GMT January 15, 2018

Indian Muslims strongly oppose Netanyahu trip to India

Indian Muslims strongly oppose Netanyahu trip to India

A prominent Indian Muslim cleric voiced the strong opposition of the Indian Muslims to the current visit of the Zionist regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India whom they regard as one of the leading enemies of Islam.

Talking to IRNA in an exclusive interview on Monday, Maulana Abid Abbas Zaidi noted that Muslims across India have staged numerous rallies to express their hatred towards the Zionist regime official whom they consider as the main culprit of crimes against the oppressed Palestinian nation.

The Maulana who is the Friday Prayer Leader of New Delhi mosque for Shia Muslims, also said that the Zionist regime has opted for hostility towards Muslims, especially the Palestinians, and kills the oppressed Palestinians gaining support from countries such as the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Stressing that the Muslim community in India vehemently opposed the Zionist regime official's visit, he said the Zionist regime oppresses the Palestinian people and does not allow them to perform prayers in the holy city of Qods.

Abbas Zidi said prior to the visit of the Zionist regime premier, Muslims called on the Indian government to call off the travel.

Regarding support of certain countries to the Daesh, the Indian religious leader stressed that the Zionist regime is opposed to all countries that are supporter of humanity and the reason for its hostility towards Iran is that Tehran is one of the rare countries in the world which truly advocates justice.

He said Iran is the only country which fought the Daesh in the true sense of the word and successfully defeated it whereas the Zionist regime, the United States and Saudi Arabia supported this group and are the main element behind formation of this group.

Netanyahu arrived in New Delhi on Sunday for a four-day stay and received an exceptionally warm welcome from his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi who is trying to expand India's relations with the occupying regime to gain defense and economic support from it. Meanwhile, the Zionist regime is also keen for India relations as it sees the country as a foothold in the rich area of southern Asia.


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