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Published: 0520 GMT January 17, 2018

Trump’s remarks on Iran, interference: Zon

Trump’s remarks on Iran, interference: Zon

Fadli Zon, Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian People's Representative Council told MNA that the US president's approach toward developments in Iran is contrary to international law.

The 13th session of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC), attended by Parliament speakers, started in Tehran on Monday, MNA reported.

The event was held in the presence of representatives from 41 Asian and African countries, including 12 Parliament speakers and nine deputy Parliament speakers along with envoys from Russia on Monday and Tuesday. It will be wrapped up on Wednesday with issuing a final resolution.

Parliament speakers from Mali, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Senegal, Oman, Algeria and Mauritania have attended the conference.

Currently the Islamic world is grappling with numerous issues and the region of problems covers an extended land from Eastern Asia to deep in Africa.

One of the countries attending at the 13th session of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States is Indonesia and the Indonesian delegation was headed by Fadli Zon, Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian People's Representative Council.

As Indonesia is a very important Muslim country and the fourth most populated country in the world, an interview was arranged with the senior parliamentarian to touch upon the major crises in the Islamic world.

The exclusive interview covers diverse areas from Palestinian issue, Trump’s remarks against Iran, Muslim minorities murdered in Myanmar, and bilateral relations and trade between Tehran and Jakarta.

Here comes the full text of the interview:

What have been the goals of this trip? And to what extent do you think the goals have been materialized?

Of course first of all our purpose here is to attend the 13th PUIC parliamentary union of the OIC member states countries which is held in Tehran and Iran will chair for the next one year. The OIC is a very important organization because it is consisted of 54 Islamic countries. Some frequent challenges to the Islamic world, Indonesia as the largest Muslim populated country and what is going on in the world like conflicts and potential conflicts especially related to Islamic community in many regions for example in the Middle East like in Syria, Yemen, Palestine and I think the current issues regarding the Rohingya Muslim refugees in border of Bangladesh which also I visited last month are addressed.  So I think this gathering is very important to address many issues in the Islamic world and I hope this PUIC meeting or conference will make contributions to solve some of these problems.



What can Iran and Indonesia do to help resolve the problems of Rohingya Muslims?

First the humanitarian issues should be considered. There are 1.1 million Rohingya Moslem refugees in the border. This humanitarian crisis which is also very acknowledged by the United Nations as ethnic cleansing process should be solved because half of them are actually children (around 550,000). Another most important things are the political and the diplomatic issues. I think Islamic states’ support to Rohingya Muslims should be more clear and strong especially towards the Myanmar government who acted brutally or at least the Myanmar military. So I think the PUIC as the representative of the Muslim people can make a more concrete action. I propose that we send a committee or small group of committee represented by several countries to visit Cox’s Bazar to see the situation by our own eyes after that we have to send the message to all over the world including to Myanmar government.

What are the joint fields that Iran and Indonesia can cooperate? Have any steps been taken to boost cooperation after implementation of the JCPOA? What other steps should be taken to boost ties of the two important Muslim countries?

Well, actually, the potentiality is very huge to develop more cooperation between Indonesia and Iran. I believe that especially the economic cooperation can be strengthened. According to our data the number of trades between two countries is around 350 million trade. I think it is very small. We can enhance this in the near future and we believe that it should increase we should increase the exchange of business people between Indonesia and Iran and but also the people to people contact through different ways which one of the ways is tourism. We send this message also to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament His Excellency Ali Larijani. We should support for example the direct flights between Tehran to Indonesia and also in other economic cooperation fields.

Of course, political cooperation between Indonesia and Iran has already been developed and maybe in the near future we have to develop more including in the multilateral international organizations.

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