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Published: 0317 GMT January 30, 2018

Araqchi: Iran will stay in nuclear deal as long as its interests secured

Araqchi: Iran will stay in nuclear deal as long as its interests secured

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said Iran will stay in the 2015 nuclear deal as long as its interests are secured.

Araqchi, who was one of the negotiators in nuclear talks, made the remarks during a televised interview on Monday night, IRNA reported.

He stressed that the country’s main goal in nuclear negotiations with P5+1 group – Russia, US, Britain, France, China and Germany – was to reserve its right to nuclear energy, not to merely remove sanctions imposed on Iran for its nuclear activities.

“Sanctions relief was not our main concern, but one of our key demands during the negotiations”, Araqchi said.

However, he said that all nuclear-related sanctions against Iran have been lifted under the nuclear deal, also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“Iran and the international community believe that the deal is beneficial to Iran; we both sell oil and attract investment”, he said.

“What we consider as US’ violation of commitments under the nuclear deal, and have reported to the joint commission, is that the Trump administration is trying to undermine the spirit of the deal [and spoil its positive outcomes for Iran] more vigorously than ever,” Araqchi added.

He added that the US visa restriction for Iranian nationals was an attempt to undermine the “JCPOA atmosphere”, but not a blatant violation of the agreement.

Trump issued an executive order in late January halting entry of travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. 


The US president has also threatened that if the “disastrous flaws” in the nuclear deal with Iran are not fixed within 120 days, he will pull America out of it.

“For Washington, the flaw in the nuclear agreement is that it does not include Iran’s missile program,” Araqchi said, stressing that the JCOPA is nonnegotiable and Iran’s missile program will never be included in it.


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