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Published: 0344 GMT January 31, 2018

Iran exports caviar to US

Iran exports caviar to US

Iran announced that it has exported caviar to the US after obtaining license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"We exported 10 kilograms of natural caviar to the US last year after receiving license from the FDA in the years 2016 and 2017," said Managing Director of Agricultural Services of Specialized Holding Company Abbas Rajaei on Wednesday, according to Fars News Agency.

He added that Iran intends to increase exports of the product to other countries.

As Iran's economy seeks to rebound from years of stiff international sanctions, producers of black caviar — that salt-cured delicacy associated with the rich and famous, with a price tag to match — are also eying a comeback.

Once among Iran's most famous exports, the industry nearly collapsed due to trade restrictions and an international clampdown on sturgeon fishing from the Caspian Sea. The long, prehistoric fish, whose glittery, bead-like eggs make the choicest caviar, had almost been driven to extinction by overfishing.

Now, dozens of Iranian producers are raising sturgeon legally on fish farms as the 2015 nuclear agreement Iran signed with six world powers has slowly reopened foreign markets to Iranian products.

After the United States lifted an embargo on Iranian goods in January 2016, the first shipment of Iranian caviar in nearly a decade reached the US last year: A modest 18 pounds of the prized beluga variety, some of which ended up for sale at stores frequented by Iranian expatriates in Los Angeles and other cities.

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