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Published: 0318 GMT February 06, 2018
President urges Turkey to end Syria offensive

Rouhani: JCPOA not renegotiable

Rouhani: JCPOA not renegotiable

President Hassan Rouhani reiterated Tuesday that the nuclear deal signed in 2015 between Iran and six world powers could not be renegotiated, despite threats from the United States.

"The key to the problems between Tehran and Washington is in Washington's hands. They need to stop their threats and sanctions and pressure, and automatically the situation will improve and we can think about our future," Rouhani said in a press conference in Tehran.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from the landmark agreement and reimpose sanctions unless fresh curbs were put on Iran's missiles.

Rouhani rejected the US demand of making revisions to the nuclear accord, saying “not a single line will be added to or removed from the JCPOA”.

Rouhani referred to Trump’s efforts to undermine the deal over the past year and described it as evidence that shows the agreement is strong enough against pressure.

He said breaching the deal will discredit the US in the world.

Iran will stay in the nuclear deal as long as it receives benefits from it, the president said.

The US president on January 12 reluctantly agreed to waive sanctions against Iran that were lifted as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but said it would be the last time he issued such a waiver unless conditions were met.

Trump said he wanted America's European allies to use the 120-day period before sanctions relief again came up for renewal to agree to tougher measures and new conditions, otherwise Washington would pull out of the deal.


No talks on missiles


Rouhani also said negotiations on Iran’s missiles program were out of the question.

"We will negotiate with no one on our weapons," said the president.

"Iranian-made missiles have never been offensive and never will be. They are defensive and are not designed to carry weapons of mass destruction, since we don't have any," he said.

Rouhani noted that Iran is not pursuing access to weapons of mass destruction.

He pointed to a religious decree by Iran’s Leader on the prohibition of WMDs and said the country “will not seek to gain such weapons”.


Turkey operation in Syria


Rouhani warned the US is seeking to disintegrate Syria, adding that Iran will firmly stand against the plot.

"We oppose the presence in Syria by the Americans who have incorrect goals in the region and are thinking of disintegrating Syria," the president said.

He also referred to Turkey's military operations in northern Syria against the Kurds, and said, "We have good relations with Russia and Turkey but it is our principled position that deployment of a country's army in another country's territories should be carried out with the consent of the second country's people and government and therefore, we want this operation which doesn’t yield any results but killing people to stop."

President Rouhani foresaw good future for relations among Tehran, Ankara and Moscow, adding that during recent phone talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the latter has stressed the necessity for holding a summit with the participation of the three countries' presidents.

AFP, IRNA, and Fars News contributed to this story.


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