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Published: 0459 GMT March 14, 2018

Armed resistance only way to liberate Palestine: Hezbollah official

Armed resistance only way to liberate Palestine: Hezbollah official

Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Movement of Lebanon Naim Qassem said in order to liberate Palestine there have remained no other options but 'armed resistance'.

Speaking at a gathering on solitary with Palestine in southern Lebanon, Qassem said that under current international conditions talking about any political solution only benefits Israel which is afraid of the future, IRNA reported.

The 'deal of the century' sought by some people to put an end to the Palestinian issue cannot be materialized at all, the Hezbollah deputy secretary general said.

Referring to the US interventions in the region by employing terrorists, supporting Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen and suppressing the Bahraini people, he said the United States have inflicted heavy losses on the region. He said Washington cannot settle anything and its crimes must be revealed.

He said those Arab rulers who are after normalizing relations with Israel are not entitled to rule their nations.

Whatever decisions the American might make, Quds will remain the capital of Palestine forever, the Hezbollah official made it clear.

A number of anti-Zionist Muslim, Christian and Jewish personalities attended the meeting.


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