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Published: 1100 GMT March 19, 2018

France for discussing Iran missile program, EU rejects new sanction

France for discussing Iran missile program, EU rejects new sanction

Tehran, March 19, IRNA – The European Union must discuss Iran’s role in Syria and Yemen, as well as its ballistic missiles program, said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Monday, whereas EU foreign policy chief has refuted reports of a new sanction against Tehran.

“We must not exclude Iran’s responsibility in the proliferation of ballistic missiles and in its very questionable role in the near- and Middle East,” Le Drian, while he tries to preserve the 2015 nuclear accord by a May 12 ultimatum set by US President Donald Trump, IRNA reported.

Iran has repeatedly reiterated that its missile program is totally defensive against any possible foreign attacks.

And regarding its regional role, Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced that Iran wants to see its neighbors' peace and security strengthened in the region, and will spare no effort on the path to fight destabilizing security threats of the terrorist groups.

“Iran's measures in fighting Daesh (ISIS) and the Takfiri terrorism have been taken upon the request by some states and in coordination with other states of the region,” Iranian FM spokesman said earlier.

Big European countries and the US were the ones who equipped Saddam's Iraq, with advanced planes, chemical bombs, rockets and missiles, when he attacked Iran, but now they want Iran to limit its deterrent defense power, which may convey a message: The EU and the US don't want Iran to be able to defend its land and people against attacks.

According to Reuters quoting a document, Britain, France and Germany have proposed 'fresh' EU sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missiles and its role in Syria’s war.

But regarding the report over France, the UK and Germany's likely move to sanction Iran, European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said, “There is no proposal of additional sanctions against Iran. The focus today will be on continuing the full implementation of the nuclear deal. All three, but also Russia, China, the United States and Iran, just assessed on Friday that the deal is being implemented and that we all stay committed to its full implementation.

“In particular, as we discuss Syria or as we discuss regional issues, the role of Iran comes on the table. But it is extremely important to keep the nuclear deal separated from the discussions we have on regional issues. As I said, it is clearly not a matter of adding sanctions - no proposal in this respect today and clearly, no decision.”

Elaborating on Iran’s ballistic missile program, she said that the European Union has sanctions in place on Iran for non-nuclear related issues.

'This is already there. So far, at the moment, I do not expect discussions on further sanctions to be started, as I mentioned already. I would expect today the discussion to be focused, first and foremost, on how to keep the full implementation of the nuclear deal, as it is being fully implemented now, also for the future, especially following a very good Joint Commission meeting we had on Friday altogether, with all the parties and with Iran.”

“I think the main message today would be this: keep the course on the full implementation of the nuclear deal, and separately, address regional issues, including issues related to the ballistic missiles on which the European Union has always had a very clear position,” Mogherini said.


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