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Published: 0913 GMT March 20, 2018

Iran: Saudi Crown Prince big liar

Iran: Saudi Crown Prince big liar

Mohammed Bin Salman claims on Iran are 'big lies', Iran's Foreign Ministry's spokesman said in reaction to the Saudi Crown Prince's accusations against Iran with regard to terrorism.

Bin Salman, who is also serving as Saudi Arabia's Defense Minister, in an interview with American television CBS on Sunday, claimed that Iran has been harboring terrorists, such as leaders of Al-Qaeda, IRNA reported.

'Bin Salman's claims on Iran hosting Al-Qaeda's leaders is a big lie, 'Bahram Qasemi said, adding that he cannot deny the role of Saudi rulers and government in creating and propping up contemporary history and in terrorist tragedies such as 9/11 by spreading awkward lies.'

During the early years of the US invasion to Afghanistan that prompted some Al-Qaeda elements to flee the country, some of them crossed Iran's border, he said.

'They were arrested and extradited to their respective governments, according to their documents and nationalities, including a number of Bin Laden's family members, that because of their Saudi nationalities, Riyadh was informed. Following the coordination, Bin Laden's daughter was extradited to Saudi embassy in Tehran,' the spokesman said.

'The Saudis had asked that they should be deported through the same border that they had entered Iran illegally, and it was implemented according to their demand,' he said.

'Bin Salman in his visit to the US is heinously trying to pave the way for his coronation by any means, but it seems that pouring the hundreds of billions of dollars of the Saudi people into the arms industry of the US has not served the purpose, and he is now trying to purge the proved records of current rulers of Saudi Arabia on supporting terrorism and extremism,' he said.

But he proved in his recent interview that he is an awkward liar who misunderstands things, to the extent that he does not know his own country's history, Qasemi said.

The fact that the terrorist group Al-Qaeda was formed by intelligence organizations, he said, as a part of classified report on 9/11 that was published shows the unchangeable facts that many of the current officials and individuals in Saudi government have been involved in the terrorist incident.


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