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Published: 0252 GMT March 28, 2018

NIAC president urges Europe to stand against Trump

NIAC president urges Europe to stand against Trump

President of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) said the appointment of John Bolton as the US National Security Advisor is a wake-up call for the Europeans and a failure of their appeasement policy.

“I think that the appointment of Bolton should now completely disavow any illusions in Europe that they can appease Trump on Iran Deal,” said Trita Parsi in an exclusive interview with IRNA in New York.

“Their efforts have failed and their only way of preventing the collapse of the Deal and preventing a regional war is to stand very firmly against the destabilization that Trump is causing.”

“I think one of the main concerns is that they not actually believe that appeasing Trump could work, but they are so disinclined and so worried that they don't want to have a confrontation with Trump and as a result they were going down the path of appeasement even though the chances were always close to nil.”

“At this point, however, I think it is a wake-up call for the Europeans politically and just not feasible for them to continue to try to appease and they have to seriously start considering what type of measures they can take to stop Trump's destabilization.”

To a question about the measures the Europeans can take to prevent Trump from destroying Iran Deal, Parsi said, “They need to protect their company; they need to impose blocking mechanisms to counter sanctions. They need to make sure that financial channels exist so that big investments and projects that have been signed but have not been able to be financed can be financed. They need to do all these things in order to provide Iran with the economic benefits it was promised.”

“So far what the Europeans have done has been very limited. They may have been with good intentions but it have not been anywhere close to sufficient.

On the role of France, Parsi said, “The French have tried to essentially look help the United States on some of the regional matters; it is also a way for France to sell more weapons and to make itself more relevant in the region and use it as an avenue to save the nuclear deal.”

“I think again that has been a failure not going to work and resting on the wrong principles. These other regional matters were not part of the Deal. If you need to address them, the first thing needed to be done is to make sure that the nuclear deal first and foremost is fully implemented. Only then, can there be a reasonable expectation that additional negotiations on other matters can follow, but if the West is not living up to its own bargain, it doesn't have any standing to call for any negotiations.”

On the role or potential of Congress to curb Trump, Parsi said, “I believe that the potential has grown as the result of Bolton's appointment because from a tactical perspective, it was a mistake for Trump to appoint Bolton now because it can make it more difficult for him to get Pompeo confirmed in Congress.”

“Here is the relationship. A vote for Pompeo is a vote for Bolton and a vote for Bolton is a vote for war and that makes more difficult for Democrats and some Republicans to approve Pompeo. If Pompeo is not confirmed, then you have a big blow towards the war cabinet that Trump is assembling.”


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