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Published: 0534 GMT April 14, 2018

Russian FM spokeswoman: US ruins Syria peace chance

Russian FM spokeswoman: US ruins Syria peace chance

The US and its allies attacked Syria at a moment when the country had got a chance for peace, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Facebook.

“Those behind it lay claim to moral leadership in this world and declare their exclusiveness and uniqueness,” Maria Zakharova said on Saturday following the overnight attack by the US in cooperation with the UK and France on three places in Syria, IRNA reported.

“In fact, it takes a very peculiar kind of uniqueness to attack Syria’s capital at a time when the country has received a chance for peace at last.

“The White House says its certainty about a chemical attack by Damascus relies on the media, on reports about symptoms, videos and photos, and also on credible information,” she said.

“After that statement the US and all other Western media should be aware of their responsibility for what has happened. Fifteen years ago the White House used a test tube. Now Washington has used the media instead of the test tube,” she said referring to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Washington claims that its attack was a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack near Damascus. The US blames the attack on the government of Syria.

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