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Published: 0736 GMT April 15, 2018

Trump 'vile', 'dangerous for America': US ex-ambassador

Trump 'vile', 'dangerous for America': US ex-ambassador
US President Donald Trump (

US President Donald Trump is a dangerous person for the United States, said the former ambassador of US to Iraq.

It is clear now that Trump's claim about opposing the Iraq war that then president George Bush started was just a campaigning method to reach the US presidency, said Joseph Wilson, IRNA reported.

Answering a question if he thinks Trump's advisors are going to change his mind on that sort of thing or he’s going to change their mind on that sort of thing, Wilson said, “I don’t think he actually has a mind.” “I think he’s basically very venal.”

“He is looking to get himself through the next day and put as many … dollars — as many dollars — into his bank account as he possibly can,” Ambassador Wilson concluded. “I think this man is a danger to the United States of America.'

Based on an unproven allegation against Syria, the US, the UK and France attacked Syria on Saturday morning.

It is worth mentioning that the US vetoed a Russian-drafted resolution calling for an international unpartisan scrutiny of the alleged event.

Commander of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces stressed on Saturday that most of the missiles fired by the US-UK-French tripartite aggression were shot down, according to SANA.


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