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Published: 0251 GMT April 20, 2018

Iranian researcher develops apparatus to rehabilitate autistic children

Iranian researcher develops apparatus to rehabilitate autistic children

An Iranian researcher has developed a new rehabilitation apparatus used to coordinate the five senses in autistic children.

Arezoo Faqihi, a graduate in Electrical Engineering who is currently a post-graduate student majoring in Educational Research, has developed the device.

Together with a team of students, she attended the International RoboCup Open 2018 held in Iran and finished second in the contests, ISNA reported.

She said the apparatus is used to coordinate and harmonize the five senses in children suffering from autism.

“By strengthening and moderating the five senses, this apparatus boosts children’s imagination and helps them recover,” she said.

The device is used for rehabilitation and in rehab clinics, Faqihi reported.

She said no similar apparatus has been developed in other countries so far, and it has been made for the first time in Iran.

“As no device similar to the apparatus has been made in the world, it has found its way to Malaysia’s inventions contest Itex 2018,” said the researcher.

She said that efforts have been made to produce the product on a large scale.

“The necessary evaluations have been made, and the apparatus will be mass-produced when the agreement with an investor is finalized,” she added.

“During the contests, an Australian company placed an order for 100 apparatuses, and an agreement will be concluded on that in the near future,” she noted.



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