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Published: 0415 GMT April 21, 2018

‘Trump unaware of economic ties China can have with Iran, Russia’ (Video)

‘Trump unaware of economic ties China can have with Iran, Russia’ (Video)

US President Donald Trump is oblivious to the fact that China can have ‘alternative economic’ ties with Iran and Russia, says a political analyst.

Scott Bennett made the remarks in an interview with Press TV when asked about a trade war with China initiated by the Trump administration and the repercussions it might have, reported.

 “China, of course, will increasingly set up economic relationships with Russia and Iran, similar to the Iranian-Chinese nuclear discussions that are going on,” Bennett said.

“So there are alternative economic relationships that China is very open to with Russia and Iran that sadly Donald Trump has lost sight of,” he added.

He also said, “I hope for the American people’s sake Donald Trump quickly looks at Russia and Iran as non-enemies but as economic partners in the near future. That would also balance the American relationship with China.”

The trade war between the two countries started last month when Trump imposed heavy tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China.

China initially cautioned against an economic war even as it signaled its preparedness to fight one. But as the White House disregarded calls to avoid imposing aggressive trade measures against China, the Chinese government retaliated by imposing restrictions of its own on a range of American goods.

Trump then threatened to impose an additional $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods.

China responded by saying it was ready to retaliate by slapping tariffs on more American goods imported from the US to China.

China’s ambassador to the US said this week that trade frictions between Beijing and Washington had better be resolved through dialog, insisting, however, that the Chinese state will follow the policy of reciprocation vis-à-vis US trade measures against China.

Trump’s tough stand on trade is largely seen as a potential cudgel to win what he considers better terms in potential negotiations to change the nature of trade relations with China and other countries.


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