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Published: 0202 GMT April 23, 2018

US dreams of North Korea’s denuclearization

US dreams of North Korea’s denuclearization

By Seyyed Ali Khorram*

The US claims that North Korea has voiced readiness to hold talks over its nuclear and missile program and give up its nuclear arsenal out of fear of America’s power.

In fact, North Korea has agreed to suspend its nuclear and missile tests in a bid to receive economic and technological assistance.

Pyongyang has set conditions for stopping its nuclear and missile program which includes the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula. This, however, is a red line for both the US and South Korea. Hence, the prospect of talks between the US and North Korea not only looks bleak but they may also face an impasse.

North Korea has developed missiles with nuclear warheads which could target the US mainland. Naturally, Pyongyang does not want to miss what it describes as a “treasured sword.”

Hence, it is nothing more than an illusion that the US could offer anything to grab the “treasured sword.”

Washington is trying to say that Pyongyang will suspend its nuclear and missile tests forever. This is while  North Korea announced that it will suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches ahead of its summits with Seoul and Washington, but has stopped short of suggesting it has any intention of giving up its nuclear arsenal.

In fact, Kim Jong-un wants to hold talks with Donald Trump as a nuclear power.  However, the US is trying to convey the message that the pressures exerted by the Trump administration along with sanctions have pushed the North to enter into negotiations.

Kim is aware that his country will lose its status if it agrees to surrender its nuclear capabilities and consequently, the US would easily handle a denuclearized North Korea.

The US has promoted its nuclear capabilities over the past decades. In February, the Pentagon released a new nuclear arms policy with the aim of revamping US nuclear arsenal and developing new low-yield atomic weapons. This was in line with Trump’s pledge during his presidential campaign, who promised to expand and strengthen US nuclear capabilities.

While the US is strengthening its nuclear capabilities, why should North Korea agree to denuclearization?

The US can hold talks with North Korea to help restore stability to the Korean Peninsula and guarantee the security of its allies; South Korea and Japan.

The talks will also help Pyongyang to normalize ties with the international community, in particular with its neighbors.

  • Seyyed Ali Khoram is a former diplomat.


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