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Published: 0148 GMT April 25, 2018

Actor: Iranian cinema moving toward global language

Actor: Iranian cinema moving toward global language

By Sadeq Dehqan

Iranian cinema and its productions are moving toward the language which is perceivable throughout the world, Iranian actor Ali Dehkordi said.

Speaking to Iran Daily, Dehkordi noted cinema plays a significant role in conveying Iran's cultural messages to the rest of the world.

The presence of Iranian cinema in international festivals provides evidence of the globalization of Iran's film industry, he said, noting that it has been years that world's major cinematic events are being held with the participation of at least one or more Iranian films.

Given that conditions are ripe for the development of Iranian cineastes and nurturing their creativeness, he stated that if young people are allowed to produce films easily, Iranian filmmakers would be able to portray the positive aspects of Iranian culture and present it artistically it to the world.

He complained, "We wait for foreign filmmakers and companies to make films about Iran's culture and history and then we Iranians raise objection that their products are not based on reality."

The present world is experiencing a regressive trend toward ancient thoughts and consequently books written by great Persian figures such as Molana, Sa'di, Khayyam, Avicenna and other scholars are being reread.

If Iran claims that the above mentioned people are originally Iranians, "we should shoot some films and series about our culture and literature", he highlighted.

Speaking about the dire need of making films about Iran's history, he said that although such films require high-tech equipment and costs an arm and a leg, such considerations should not hinder Iranians from making historical films.

He asked Iranian decision-makers and cultural officials who are part of Iran's cultural mainstream to devote special attention to making historical films.

About Fajr International Film Festival (FIff), he said that organizing its international section independent from its national counterpart was a positive move toward receiving more attention in and outside of the country.

He also highlighted the need to present our best abilities to foreign guests who will scrutinize Iranian cinematic performances.

"Once I was conversing with foreign guests of the festival, they were astonished by the quality of Iranian films, quality of holding the festival and even fine social status of Iran."

Verily, FIff is a venue for Iran to show off its security, politics, economics and culture, he said, noting that once international guests return home, they will surely write about their experiences in Iran.

Presided over by writer-cum-director Reza Mirkarimi, the 36th Fajr International Film Festival began on April 19 and will continue until April 27.


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