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Published: 0132 GMT May 11, 2018

Europe vs. the US

Europe vs. the US

By Dariush Qanbari*

US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal was irrational and against international conventions.

This despicable act was not only denounced by the international community but was also condemned by Washington’s European allies.

After Trump announced his decision to walk away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, along with the European signatory countries to the deal, namely the UK, France and Germany reaffirmed support for the accord. They had also demanded that Tehran not exit the JCPOA.

Hence, Iran should continue cooperation with the three European nations as well as Russia and China because they have stressed that they would remain committed to the nuclear deal despite Washington’s withdrawal.

Iran is entitled to take approaches against Washington’s anti-JCPOA move. Nonetheless, Tehran’s response should be measured and thoughtful.

Iran should establish a two-way discourse with Europe in a bid to preserve the agreement.

If Europe provides full guarantees that it would stick to its obligations under the deal, the JCPOA will remain as a multilateral international document.  

If London, Paris and Berlin are determined to stay in the deal, they should adopt strategies against US sanctions which bar European firms from conducting trade with Iran. They should also reciprocate any US sanctions on European companies for their trade ties with the Islamic Republic. 

If Europe stays in the JCPOA with strength and exercises its authority against the US, Iran will not suffer major losses. This is because Trump has been seeking to shirk responsibility over its commitments under the deal since taking the helm at the Oval Office.

Presently, the US will be unable to render the JCPOA into an ineffective deal.

To sum up, it remains to be seen what action Europe will take over the fate of the deal. If it continues to support the JCPOA, the US will be the loser following its decision to leave the internationally-recognized agreement. 

*Dariush Qanbari is a former Iranian lawmaker.


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