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Published: 0911 GMT May 12, 2018

US withdrawal from Iran Deal endangers peace: Chinese media

US withdrawal from Iran Deal endangers peace: Chinese media

With US President Donald Trump's quitting Iran Deal, the peace and stability in the Middle East is endangered, wrote Xinhua on Saturday.

US unilateralism in different fields has caused a problem for the world, wrote Xinhua.

Trump's decision about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as Iran Deal, was very impudent; he ignited tensions in the Middle East while the deal had caused the tensions to abate, Xinhua quoted Khalid Montasar, a Libyan expert on international affairs as saying.

The reporter of Al-Ahram newspaper Sami Abdollah said that it is US's job to create tension in the Middle East; the US doesn't want a stable Middle East.

Abdollah added they pulled out of the deal at a time the conditions in the region were improving; they did so to keep US leverage in the region.

Xinhua added that, with what the US did to the JCPOA, no one can trust them anymore. The US disrespects agreements and international documents.

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