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Published: 0755 GMT May 13, 2018

US exit raising Iran global approval: Syrian official

US exit raising Iran global approval: Syrian official

A senior Syrian official said on Saturday that the US May 8 exit from the Iran Deal has earned Iran more reputation and raised the country's global approval.

The world and the US allies do not trust Washington anymore after its treatment of the Iran Deal, Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to the Syrian president told IRNA in an exclusive interview.

The outcome of the US decision to leave the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), were the European pessimism about the US [behavior] and the global distrust of Washington, the Syrian advisor said.

Referring to the role of the Zionist regime of Israel played in the US decision, Shaaban said Tel Aviv has been the main planner behind the US exit.

She went on to say that the Zionist regime saw its benefits in US withdrawal from the JCPOA, a withdrawal also supported by certain Persian Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia.

US, Zionist regime and certain states in the Persian Gulf region are leading the axis of countermeasures against the international laws and treaties, the senior advisor said.

The American people, she said, are unhappy with the move made by their president because Trump is just after serving the Zionists' interests.

Elaborating on the goals behind the US exit from the JCPOA, Shaaban said they- the Zionist regime, US and West- well know that Tehran is not after nuclear weapons; however, they want to prevent the country from achieving technological, industrial and scientific progress.

Syria is content with the Europeans' decision to stay in the Iran Deal despite US disloyalty, the Syrian official stressed.

President Trump announced his decision about the Iran Deal on May 8 and withdrew his country unilaterally from the international agreement. Many world powers, including Russia, China, and the European Union (EU) are against Trump's decision.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini in a press conference on Tuesday said the EU was “determined to preserve” the Iran Deal.

The US decision to leave the JCPOA led to its isolation, the Syrian advisor stressed.

Touching upon the Western stance on other countries' progress, the official said the West is against the achievements in the science areas, including physics and medicine, made by the freedom-seeking nations.

Turning to the Western policy on the Syrian nation, Shaaban said the West has no clear stance on the Syrian crisis started in March 2011.

Some Western countries, including US, UK and France with the help of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar in the region have taken aggressive measures towards 'our legitimate government and the Syrian nation.'

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