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Published: 0241 GMT May 21, 2018

Councilor: Mummy found in Tehran is Reza Shah

Councilor: Mummy found in Tehran is Reza Shah

A mummy discovered in the capital Tehran last month is that of the father of the last Shah of Iran, said the head of the Committee of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Tehran City Council, Hassan Khalilabadi.

The mummified remains were found in late April during construction at a shrine in Shahr-e Ray, in southern Tehran.

Images and news reports shared online fueled speculation that the mummy was that of Reza Shah, but some media outlets in Iran disputed this.

“Our findings suggest that the mummy belongs to Reza Shah,” Khalilabadi said.

He noted that the body had been buried in the area in which it was found. The councilor, however, said he did not know where exactly it had been buried.

Reza Shah was a military officer who overthrew the ruling Persian dynasty in 1921 and seized power, first becoming the country’s prime minister and then its monarch.

He was forced from power in 1941 by Britain and Russia and abdicated in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Reza Shah was forced into exile and died in South Africa in 1944, and mummified in Egypt before being returned to Iran.



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