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Published: 0839 GMT May 25, 2018

Manyas bird sanctuary in western Turkey home to Dalmatian pelicans

Manyas bird sanctuary in western Turkey home to Dalmatian pelicans

Manyas Bird Paradise National Park, located on the border of the Bandırma district in Balıkesir province, welcomes endangered Dalmatian pelicans during the species' mating season every year.

The national park was recognized in 1976 as a wetland of international value and in need of protection by the European Council and is now the seasonal home of more than 300 Dalmatian pelicans, wrote.

This year, more than 100 of the pelicans will raise their babies, incubating them on artificial platforms installed on the lake and covered by reeds, in the region.

The Dalmatian pelicans will migrate to different regions after they raise their chicks, but return to the same spot every year to breed.

Biologist Kader Gülenç, who works at the national park, said that some full-grown Dalmatian pelicans can have wingspans of nearly three meters.

Noting that the pelicans had tried to nest in the area's trees, Güleç added, "It is not possible for them to make nests in trees, but they tried to do it out of desperation. We built some artificial platforms and they started nesting on them."

The mating season of Dalmatian pelicans starts in December and January and finishes in July.

The biologist continued, "Making nests, finding a partner, laying eggs and caring for the baby pelicans all occur during this period. After they raise their babies, they migrate and return again the next winter to mate.

"There are 58 platforms in the national park now. We carry out maintenance on the platforms before every mating season. If necessary, we add more platforms. We cover them with reeds so that they can incubate comfortably."


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